Athens and Limestone County

Steamboat Trace

If you have a picture of a classic Southern small town in your mind’s eye, chances are you’re picturing Athens. Full of modest homes surrounding a central square complete with a classic, columned Southern courthouse and ringed with small businesses, Athens is every bit the town you might find in a Hallmark TV movie or Southern novel. Geographically, the city sits halfway between Nashville and Birmingham. It’s also a short commute to Huntsville’s economic and employment hubs, which means that the cost of living is low while good employment opportunities are aplenty.

Weeden House in Downtown Huntsville

Weeden House in Downtown Huntsville

In terms of lifestyle, Athens is a world apart. Walkable and neighborly, it’s one of the best places in the region for homeowners who like a touch of city life without the city bustle. There’s a vibrant community of small businesses here, and if you like music, you’re especially in luck. Athens State University hosts a popular fiddler’s convention here every fall that brings folk and country musicians from all over. And if you like your music electrified, it’s super easy to hop over to Muscle Shoals or up to Nashville for a night or a weekend to get your live music fix.

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